Caryn Walt

“Kaye is the most inspirational person. I want to start by commenting on her completely positive attitude and mood. Her approach to life is both constructive and encouraging as she always tries to make the best of a situation. I asked Kaye to train me with specific goals in mind. She checks-in with me before class and tailors the class towards what she believes I need that day. She is always right! She is genuinely interested in my progress and celebrates each accomplishment or each step that takes me closer to a goal. Kaye knows when to push me harder and when to redirect. This intuitive nature makes each class seamless as she can seem to read what I need based on my body language. Kaye is also extremely reliable and consistently on-time. Her dependability is very important to me since my time is precious, having two young kids at home. I have complete gratitude and appreciation for Kaye and how she has influenced my healthier lifestyle (both body and mind).”

Yoga style: Private, Vinyasa/Movement