Kate Rowlands

“Kaye is so much more than a teacher to me. When I first met her, I was excited to try Aerial Yoga for the first time, but was still a little uneasy as for years previous, my body had been in almost constant pain from having a labour intensive job, and zero exercise regimen. Kaye’s personality shines through her teaching, she makes you feel taken care of, but always pushed to try something you’ve never done before! Personally, I feel like Kaye took me under her wing, which is such a beautiful thing, I love that we now teach at the same Aerial Studio where we first met together, and that we did Ashtanga teacher trainings at the same school in India. And now being a teacher, she really inspires me to reach out to my own students, in the hopes that I can touch someones life like how Kaye has touched mine! Oh and Kaye, I got into headstand with straight legs last night – constant progress with constant practice baby ?—”

Yoga style: Ashtanga Flow