Formerly known as “Pineapple Flower Yoga“, Pineapple Flow is a somatic approach to cultural dance. The first program features dances from the Philippines. Each series’ features the skills and movements of traditional Filipino folk dances to complement a dynamic yoga or movement practice.

Pineapple Flow - Malong Series - Dancers Pose - photo by Maria Iscel_artwork by Mango Peeler

The “Malong Series” utilizes the tube of material in different ways as a prop for lengthening and strengthening. Should the studio permit, an aerial hammock is used in place of the Malong. The tube of material offers the added benefit as an eye cover or blanket during savasana.


The “Binasuan Series” challenges the student to centre themselves as they move with intention while balancing a glass on their head and in their hands.

pf singkil fan arms out back

The “Singkil Fan Series” warms up the wrists and strengthens the shoulders and forearms in preparation for arm balances.

Pineapple Flow photoshoot in collaboration
with @mango_peeler, @lululemonto, & @mariaiscelb