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Moonbeam is a gathering of movers and shakers to raise awareness for the International Day of the Elimination of Violence Against Women. This sober dance party began with a guest speaker panel, followed by the yoga of trust, communication and respect also known as acro yoga. 




Guests of the Full Moon Aerial Nidra Series experienced deep relaxation with the practice of Yoga Nidra led by Kaye Peñaflor while supported by the aerial yoga hammock.






Camp Yogis got to experience KONNEKT and Aerial Nidra for the first time! Kaye not only got to share her signature programs with a group of strong and vibrant humans over the course of the weekend, she got to dance and play with them as well! More pics to come…






Steph & Kaye hosted the 3rd annual Next Level OM retreat in Muskoka to a full house! Next Level OMmies experienced acro, sup and aerial yoga in a brand new venue for 2018.



konnekt acroaerial yogaOn Mother’s Day, Kaye was joined by her Mom in sharing Pineapple Flower Yoga to warm up for an Acro Yoga & Aerial Yoga workshop for a room full of energetic mother’s and daughters.




Kaye partnered with BEDGEAR, at the Toronto Marathon! Attendees were fit for BEDGEAR’s Personalized Performance Sleep gear PLUS they learned restorative and yin yoga poses to practice at home, for a stronger, healthier you!  #livebreatheyoga #torontomarathon  #sleepfuelsmarathons




Steph & Kaye shared a night of acro yoga fun with a group of badass humans at Yoga Star. From “Super Banana Rolls” to the “Let Your Spotter Lead the Way”, and handstands to back planks, this was a perfect night of movement exploration.

flightclub ksflow




branch to yoga show

Attendees of the Yoga Conference gave Aerial Yoga a try with Karey Emmett, Heather Robinson and Kaye Peñaflor at the Branch Yoga & Wellness booth all weekend!




For the first time ever, yoga was on the docket at the Manila Fringe Festival. The Filipino arts community experienced Kaye’s passion for aerial yoga, personal development, self-care and her signature practice “Pineapple Flower Yoga” which takes the skills and movements from Filipino folk dance and complements a dynamic yoga practice.

Opening Night

Master Class at Commune

Pineapple Flower Yoga at Beyond Yoga (Rockwell)

Lovers Rock – Part One at Beyond Yoga (Rockwell) / Part Two at Nest Nano Suites

Strength and Length at Century City Mall


The Acro Yoga Playshop is a 6-week series that includes a workshop then playtime afterward! Within this series students learned how to condition, strengthen and connect with themselves and each other building up to an acro yoga flow on the last day!
November 2017 / FLY STUDIO / 489 Queen St W 2nd Fl


Copy of AERIAL YOGA teaching methodology workshop (1)

The Aerial Yoga Teaching Methodology Workshop with Melissa & Kaye is designed for Aerial Yoga teachers who would like to improve on their teaching practice. This 10 hour crash course will give teachers an opportunity to practice effective cuing, offer hands-on assists, and to finesse actual in-class scenario teaching skills. A final exam incorporates our education into a usable takeaway for your next class.
October 2017 / FLY STUDIO / 489 Queen St W 2nd Fl


Kaye introduced “Pineapple Flower Yoga” to attendees of The Yoga & Wellness Show on October 1st. It was here that Kaye also announced the winner of the #livebreatheyoga108 Instagram challenge!

The winner of the $100 gift bag sponsored by the Healthy Planet was Bessie B!



Flex-Ability” was a series of 2hr workshops hosted at The Attic, lululemon in 2017.

Students learned about how to relieve stress and pressure to feel clear in the mind and body. A mixture of gentle, restorative and yin yoga along with breathing techniques were shared each class to target trouble areas.



Camp Yoga mixes your inner way-back play-back camp-life kid’s favourite activities with, you know, mature things that appeal to your adult self, like wine and naps.




startup yogaIn support of Artscape, members of the Universe Startup community practiced yoga in the park Wednesday mornings with Kaye.




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Next Level OM brings together four empowering styles of yoga for one incredible weekend in luxurious Muskoka style.

In it’s 2nd year, this SOLD OUT retreat allowed yogis to try Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, SUP Yoga (paddleboard yoga), and balanced it out with meditation and a mat yoga flow. Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting adventures with Next Level OM!





Kaye introduced Aerial Yoga to a group of lovely humans in the Suspension Yoga area in 2017




Stay Connected!

lululemon ambassador, Kaye Penaflor, celebrated her 5 year anniversary as a yoga instructor with a live taping of her yoga lifestyle television show, Live Breathe Yoga. In it’s third season, Live Breathe Yoga is dedicated to inspiring your practice and elevating your mind, body and soul.

The lovely Edane Padme from Bohemia Babe lead the Tea Ceremony during “Kaye Study”

For “Conscious Living”, Reiki Master/Intuitive Healer and Art Director, Pearce Cacalda, shared how he has applied the principles of reiki to his work and life.

Be sure to wear something comfy so you can take part in a short yoga practice at home in “Strike A Pose” lead by the celebrant, Kaye!

All of this was beautifully woven together musically by Gee Soropia, music producer and DJ.





After being a Guest Speaker for the 2017 Spring Lecture Series for the Boston University Filipino Students Association, Kaye shared a morning practice with the community at lululemon Newbury.





In the early hours of the morning, Kaye focused on LOVE: for self and others in a morning yoga practice for Daybreaker: Love Lockdown




yogawellnessshow 2016

In its inaugural year, Kaye was the feature headliner for the Yoga Wellness Show taking participants through a juicy vinyasa flow on Friday then closed the show with a gentle yoga flow on Sunday.


camp yoga 2016

Kaye was part of the amazing line up at Camp Yoga 2016. She taught an Elemental Flow to honour nature at camp:

  • “Earth” was a grounding vinyasa practice
  • “Air” connected campers with their bandhas to find lightness and catch some air in balancing poses
  • “Water” began with a combination of restorative, yin and flowed into a yoga nidra
  • “Fire” was a vigorous vinyasa flow to ignite the fire within



Kaye, along with a beautiful team of healers, namely, Edane Padme, Jaisa Sulit, Pearce Cacalda, Andrea Mapili, and Liezel Palon, hosted a wellness workshop in support of the Babaylan Conference


Photo 2016-06-26, 4 35 34 PM

To kick off Summer 2016, Kaye & Steph co-hosted the first #NextLevelOM yoga retreat in Muskoka, ON