Folk n Yoga

Rehearsing “Singkil” for 

It wasn’t until I began to connect with yoga that I was able to be more present within my body for dance.  When I first started with my dance troupe, my doshas were more imbalanced than ever so the Vata mind kept me from really understanding the choreography from a technical place. 
Fast forward to today: I am proud to say that as a principal dancer, I have performed at folk dance festivals in Spain, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic (to name a few).

It continues to amaze me how much yoga has improved my quality of life. This is why I love to teach it. The asana (poses) are a fraction of the practice. There is so much we can connect to so we can be our best selves in all that we contribute to.

The latest project for the Filipino community that I am fortunate to be a part of is the York University production of “Luzviminda: the Philippine Dances Canada150” set to hit the stage in October. 

Let me know if you wanna come and I will send you a link to buy tickets!