Digital Detox

What happens when your passion, your career and your hobby are all things you LOVE and because of the nature of the work, you are constantly on some sort of electronic device and your life runs on 3-4 different calendars that each have 2+ sub-calendars?    Smartphones, and laptops, and computers, oh my!  *cue burnout


I found myself with a very full plate in recent weeks and I was starting to drop the ball in a couple areas of my life because of it.   Initial instinct was to berate myself,  “What is wrong with you?”  “Look at so and so (the other women in your life that you admire), why can’t you be more like her?”  Very abusive… to myself – this is a pattern of behaviour I discovered when I did the 10-day silent retreat known as Vipassana.  Fortunately, because of the relationship I have been building with myself, the negative self-talk didn’t bring me down – it alerted me to take a step back.  Upon reflection, I realized that I was not balanced.  According to Ayurvedic philosophy, my doshas were wildly imbalanced. Pitta and Vata, being my dominant doshas, were both out of whack, so I was on edge, particularly with road rage (fiery Pitta imbalance) and being annoyingly flaky (Vata imbalance).

When the pang of anxiety started to emerge, I knew I had to take matters into my own hands to reconnect with myself again.  My solution?  A 24hr digital detox.  No social media, no emails, no netflix, no research, nothing for 24 hrs.   I spent time with me, for me.

How I spent my digital detox:

  • I read
  • hung out at Float and spent an hour in a sensory deprivation tank
  • sat on a Muskoka chair at the beach and observed nature and people
  • took a 60-minute restorative  yoga & myo-fascial release class
  • I read some more
  • ate a lot of chocolate & coconut-covered almonds 🙂

That’s it… that’s all I needed!

giphy (1)

Dear Future Kaye:

Pay attention to your flow.  Take a step back and observe.  If all signs point to imbalance in your life, MAKE TIME to decompress.  Your mind, body and soul will reset and you will thrive because of it.

Yours truly,
Present Kaye

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