When I decided to start a custom mala design & guidance business, it was because of how I had connected with my mala while I was in India.  I wanted to share that experience with people who were drawn to meditation and the malas we are seeing popping up in many retail stores.

There is so much more to this necklace than meets the eye.  So happy that more people are opening themselves up to the practice.  This article from Yoganonamous features Whistler, BC-based mala designer, Serena Sonny Sabourin’s story about her relationship to meditation and malas. 

It feels good to be a part of this wellness movement that is expanding  into into multiple generations in Western society.  There are people who think it is a “dangerous ideology” but even at the end of his article he shares that he is just beginning to connect with mindfulness meditation.  This is just the beginning of something greater for all of us. 

Remove the ego, remove your mind and connect with a #patientpractice.

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