Let’s Go to the EX!

imageTaken during a parade in Spain 2009 – on tour with FFC

This Sunday, September 6th at 4:30pm, Folklorico Filipino Canada is performing on the International Pavillion stage at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto!

When I first joined the group back in 2000, I was in awe of how rich our culture is in diverisity.  There are folk dances that share tales from a time when the Philippines was under Spanish rule called Maria Clara. There are dances that depict rural life where our National Dance “Tinikling” comes from.  There are even more colourful and vibrant folk dances from the different tribes in the both the Northern Cordillera region as well as the Southern Mindanao region of the Philippines.

The costumes seen in the photo above are the Prince & Princess from the Filipino folk dance known as “Singkil”.

It was the first dance I saw after I joined the group that made my heart swoon.  I loved the story, the movements, the costumes, props… everything about this dance.

There are different adaptations of the Singkil folklore.  The one I enjoy is about Princess Gandingan, who finds herself lost in a forest with her ladies-in-waiting.  As they make their way through the woods (depicted with sets of bamboos clapping together), the weather changes and the winds blow (depicted with the use of the fans) so the bamboo clapping intensifies.  The Prince is sent to help the Princess out of the forest only to find that she has it under control.  They dance through the fervent bamboo with ease and grace to safety.

It is stunning.  So many Filipino folk dance troupes have beautiful renditions of this dance.  I have always felt blessed to play to role of Princess Gandingan not just in shows in Toronto, but in International stages in Spain, Portugal, and the Czech Republic.

Looking forward to performing this as well as dances from the Northern Cordillera with FFC, my second family, once again at the CNE!

See you there!

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