It’s been 21 days since I have consumed any sugar and 5 days since I had any starch (I succumbed to fries & gravy thanks to Lenny Kravitz… and Jodee 💕).

This no-sugar thing is SO hard!!  My cousin is on a diet of his own – no booze, no cigarettes – and has been since I started on my sugarless path.  The other day I asked how he was holding up.  With a smile and a plate of apple pie a la mode in hand, he said, “I’m fine!”

Grrrrrr… I wanted to smack that plate out of his hand and dive face first into the ice cream.

Inhale, exhale… it’s fine. I am fine. 

Only 9 more days of this and I will have gone a full 30 without sugar. To be honest, I do feel more energetic.  I don’t need coffee and I have been waking up with more ease.  There are times when I just miss the taste of some of my favourite things… like the Caramel Cone Explosion from Haagan Daaz.  Have you ever tried that before?  It is so good, I am salivating just writing about it. 


(I miss you, Ice Cream ❤)

PS I am eating meat now.  Too many restricitions on the diet was making me loopy.

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