Live Breathe Yoga S01 E04

A show dedicated to inspiring your practice and elevating your mind, body and soul.

This episode is all about taking catching some air!  We learn about floating in sensory deprivation tanks in Kaye Study, and explore Aerial Yoga in Strike a Pose.

Airs on Mondays at 9:30pm on FTV (Filipino TV in Canada) a division of Ethnic Channels Group

Host/Producer: Kaye Penaflor
Executive Director: Filbert Wong/Gregory Antimony
Demonstrators: Kristy Scime, Feng Cao
Hair: Priscilla Medeiros
Production Manager: Sofia Bobriseva
Director/Production Editor: Filbert Wong
Camera Operators: James Fiske, Filbert Wong
Location: Fly Studio 
Special thanks: Jojo Flores, Sean Lavery, Jesse Ratner-Decle, Heather Gonzales, Kate Rowlands, Natalie & Colin Campbell
Music by: gee

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