wheel poseUrdhva Dhanurasana – Upward Bow or Wheel Pose (taken in Gili T)

It’s true what they say, that everything comes in three’s. The reason I bring this up is because last week, the wheel was a strong symbol that stood out for me.  It started with this pic that I posted on Instagram:

love wheel

For some reason, when I was typing out the caption, I was compelled to type out #wheel because it was in the picture then opted not to because I didn’t see the relevance at the time.

A day later, I locked my bike up before a show with Hataw at Yonge-Dundas Square among a loaded bike rack.  Having experienced bike theft in the past, I am particularly cautious when locking mine up.  I take the front wheel and seat with me.  To my surprise, when I got back to my bike later that evening, someone had placed a spare tire in my front spoke.  I thought I was being pranked, or set up, or something.  I asked two security guards to stand with me while I released my bike from the rack and reset the actual front wheel in place. They were equally surprised to see that someone had given me a spare wheel.

The very next day, I was about to drive to class when I heard a strange sound.  I turned my car around and brought it back to my driveway.  When I got out to inspect where the sound came from, I saw this:

flat wheel

I had no idea what to do.  Never experienced a flat tire before.  I was more blown away at the significance of the wheel than the fact that I had to figure out how to change a flat tire on my own.  (Thankfully a kind neighbour with power tools stepped in to help after seeing me sitting in my driveway reading the car manual laying out the tools that the car came with)

So there it is – it happened in three.  I decided to google the symbolism behind the wheel and came across a few interesting thoughts.

The wheel is a symbol of unity, movement and the earth’s cycles of renewal.  What does this mean in terms of what I should be open to?  I think it may be growth in a direction that makes me stronger in all that I love.

Looking forward to it!

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