Sugar free


It has been 3 days since I have consumed ANY sugar.  This attempt to cut down on my sugar intake started a week ago.  You know how we can get caught up in “stories” even though what is actually happening in our lives doesn’t support the story?  I noticed that happening with me.  There was a time in my life that I actually didn’t have a sweet tooth and it went on for for a long time.  Without realizing it, somehow over the years I developed a very strong one.  Yet my story remained the same, “I don’t have a sweet tooth.” … I would say this with a family-size pack of sour gummy bears in my car, dark chocolate (because they’re “healthy”) in my bag, and my favourite ice cream in the fridge. 

My ph balance in my body had been out of whack for a few months which was annoying but then I recalled the time when I cut out ALL SUGARS from my diet a few years ago for 30 days.  I remember feeling amazing! My mind was clear and I was more energetic.  So I made the choice… cut down on sugar for a few days, then cut it out completely for 30 days.

It is only now that I see how much sugar I did eat.  My cravings are through the roof.  Fortunately, I have stockpiled on fresh veggies and nuts to snack on in the interim.  Once the cravings subside, the rest of the month will be a breeze. 

What I have enjoyed so far is how creative I have become with preparing my meals.  For breakfast this morning, I took some diced avocado, drizzled a little lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil on it.  Topped that with a coconut oil fried egg with a dash of fresh ground pepper, paprika and fleur de sel.  It was SOOO yummy!

Excited to see what other takeaways I will get from cutting sugar out of my diet.  Wish me luck!

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