Introducing Metta Mala

The time I spent in India really allowed me to explore my creative side.  Particularly in January, when I spent my mornings studying traditional Ashtanga with Sharath R Jois at KPJAYI in Mysore.  With the rest of my day free to focus on my heart’s desires, I took to cooking, playing my ukelele and meditation.

uke time

The mala I received at the school I studied at in Goa had become a part of me.  I wore it daily and meditated with often.  My yoga professor, Upendra, mentioned in class one day that the mala is just a necklace if you do not meditate with it.  Today, I do not wear my mala daily but use it to stay connected and find clarity.

Naturally, I wanted to share this energy with people and so I began, Metta Mala.

metta logo

Personalized mala’s made with loving kindness.

Designed to order, each mala is built with your intentions in mind.  You will be taken through a guided meditation to help you connect to what it is that you want to focus on with your mala.  For more information on how you can begin your Metta Mala journey, click here.

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