Kaye Penaflor Yoga Photo Session 2013 TNP-28-3Photo by Tara Noelle Photography

A couple of weeks ago, I injured myself sitting down.  This sounds silly but it’s true.  My joints are hyper mobile and while it may seem like a wonderful thing for your hips to be “so open” it means without regular weight training, your joints can move very easily out of place.

All I did was sit up from leaning to my left then something under my glute medius moved. When I stood up, whatever moved, locked into place.  I thought I could carry on with my regular routine and it would sort itself out.

Four days later my range of motion in my left hip is still limited so I take matters into my own hands and use the aerial yoga hammock to lock my hips in place as I find internal rotation of my thigh… nothing.  The next morning before teaching, I used a foam roller in an attempt to move whatever it was that moved back into place.  By the end of the day, I could not walk without a limp and the pain was pretty intense.

Fast forward to today.  I have seen a massage therapist, a chiropractor and a sports medicine doctor.  Of the three, the chiropractor and the sports medicine doctor adjusted me in a way that alleviated the pain.  Of these two, the chiropractor has a better understanding of my range of motion because, she herself has a dance background and she has also seen my flexibility prior to injury.  I was a contortionist and was even booked in David Bowie’s “Dead Man Walking” music video but I digress.  Initially it seems as though my hip went out of place, but after my attempts to fix it, I seem to have also moved my sacrum out of place.  Not fun.

The limitation in my movement for the last 2 weeks means I have been losing muscle mass strength (thanks for the note, Vanessa) . This will make for a very interesting and introspective rehabilitation.

Being broken sucks, but it is continuing your regular schedule with care and caution that we are able to come out even stronger once we have healed… and I will keep telling myself this until my hips feel right again.

Love and light,

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