Dear Diary…

20141108_094357-1Eka Pada Rajakapotasana on Patnem Beach in Goa, India

In January of this year, I did what most of us do and set an intention for 2015.  It was to provide workshops and retreats every month to share what I learned while I was in India. For the past two months, it simply was not in my cards to host any workshops and my initial plan seemingly came to a halt.  Then I looked within… there were lessons from my trip that I needed to apply to myself for growth within my practice and my personal life.

What I observed is, what was once important, is no longer.  My energy has shifted.

They say it takes 20 years to master your craft.  Although I have been practicing yoga since 2006, I am only 3 years into being a certified yoga instructor so I am proud to have accomplished what I have so far.  Initially I was bummed because I wasn’t sticking to my resolution and then remembered, there is no rush and no need to be hard on myself because everything will fall into place as it has in my life already. Right when it should.

Humility, patience and determination are necessary when you make a shift in your journey to achieve new goals.