Vegetarianism at Steak

Punny, isn’t it?  6 months without meat, 3 in India and 3 back home.

It was easy to maintain a balanced vegetarian diet in India.  My schedule, my budget, the availability of food at restaurants were all in favour of vegetarianism.  I felt fantastic, I felt strong.


Having been home for 3 months, my environment, my schedule and my budget changed.  My diet is no longer balanced and I am in dire need of a grocery list makeover.

What do you do when your budget and schedule are tight?  I have been toying with the idea of going back to eating meat but the very thought of consuming mass-produced meat is nauseating.  There are many documentaries and “behind the scenes” footage out there that have shown the torture and suffering of these poor animals before they are consumed.  Who would want to eat the meat from a distressed animal?

After chatting with a few friends and colleagues, I learned that there are other options than the mass-produced, tortured and distressed type of meat.  The thing is, to procure grass-fed, halal, or kosher meat would still require a certain budget.  Now that I break it down and write this, it may very well be more of a timing issue.

I need to step back and look at my week to see how I can fix this.  If you have any suggestions, I am open to hearing them.

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