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Next Level OM is a specialty yoga retreat situated in gorgeous Muskoka, Ontario featuring Acro Yoga, SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga) and Aerial Yoga. Due to the success of the annual weekend retreat, hosts, Steph & Kaye will be introducing Next Level OM: Paradise this Fall 2018. Click on image below for more details.

NEXT LEVEL OM paradise kaye.yoga


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Live Breathe Yoga is a television show dedicated to inspiring your practice and elevating your mind, body and soul.

Host and producer, Kaye Peñaflor, brings you yoga and wellness tips to help you connect with a stronger and healthier version of yourself.  Key segments include “Strike a Pose” where we visit your favourite poses and share modifications that you can connect to at home or at the studio for a safer practice. There is “Yoga Bites”, where we share a healthy recipe of the day and “Kaye Study”, the lifestyle segment, where we chat with special guests, and explore different wellness techniques so we can all Live Breathe Yoga. New for Season 3 is a segment called, “Conscious Living” where we share ideas to help our viewers make conscious decisions about what they consume/take part in.

*Originally aired in English on Filipino TV in Canada, a division of Ethnic Channels Group

Season Three presented by Healthy Planet


Host/Producer: Kaye Peñaflor
Executive Director: Filbert Wong/Gregory Antimony
Demonstrator: Lee Cacalda
Production Manager: Sofia Bobriseva
Director/Production Editor: Filbert Wong
Camera Operators: Makoy Dizon Damaolao, Gian Hagong, Filbert Wong
Music by: gee – http://www.soundcloud.com/geesoropia
Special thanks: Syed Rizvi at Healthy Planet, Neil Martin, Feng Cao, Sandra Chabot Weber at Whole Life Balance, Jen Maramba, Lawrence Jay, Darren Austin Hall, Nicole Hudson, Emily Elliot, Erica Grenci, Crystal and Nelson Mallari, Michelle Rosetta at Bee23, Filbert Wong,Melissa Tung, Christie Preston, Ayo Sopeju, Tara Good, Matt Pasquale, Dana Collis, Chris De Los Reyes, Melissa Major, Moe Bsat, Karen Gill, Julian Thomas, Genvieve Carube, Chesley Long, Carmen Curtis, MC Yogi, Paria Mirazimi, Andrew Bathory, DJ Serious Black, Derek Cook, Marlene Sammy, Masood Ali Khan, Dallas Delahunt, Sri Dharma Mittra, lululemon Queen St.


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