kaye.yoga started as a Facebook page to connect with students, over time it grew into a yoga lifestyle brand. Home to “Live Breathe Yoga“, a yoga lifestyle television show originally aired on Filipino TV to 100K subscribers across Canada, the kaye.yoga blog, and “Metta Mala an online mala design boutique, kaye.yoga is where you can connect to YOUR yoga with a #patientpractice.


A note from Kaye:

“Everyone is drawn to yoga for different reasons and I love being a part of that journey.

Yoga entered my life when my friends opened up their first studio in Toronto.  I took classes until it became my favourite “me time” activity. It’s been over 10 years since I began my love affair with yoga and I’m happy to say the relationship grows even stronger as years pass. Looking forward to learning and sharing more about this ancient tradition in this modern world.”

Let’s collaborate!


Certified Vinyasa, Aerial & Acro Yoga Teacher
Host/Producer of “Live Breathe Yoga” on Filipino TV & youtube
Designer, #MettaMala
Manduka Ambassador
lululemon Ambassador
Detox Passport Ambassador
BrainStation Ambassador

Photos by : Olio Creative Studios



“For over four years I’ve had the pleasure of practicing yoga under Kaye’s guidance. Her energy, warm smile and knowledge are great motivators. Even after years of practicing yoga, Kaye always found a way to support me in creating and reaching new goals. Her classes are well structured with clear instructions, and through the time […]

Vincent Faucher

“Beautiful soul! Every once in awhile I get to participate in Kaye’s yoga classes and she comes with so much love. She is genuine, beautiful and so passionate. I enjoy very much her warm calming energy, her classes flow with such grace and her very patient teaching ways. I wish nothing but the very best […]

Shanna Marcek

“I’ve been practicing with Kaye for several years, she continues to impress me with the constant evolution of her practice and her abtility to challenge me. Her passion for the practice is emminated throughout the class and is felt by each of her students. Most undoubtedly, one of the best instructors I have had the […]

Rovin Singh

“Kaye is fabulous. The best yoga instructor I’ve ever encountered.” Yoga Style: Ashtanga Flow

Theresa Shin

Yoga Style: Ashtanga Flow “Kaye is an excellent yoga instructor, who is gentle, kind, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable of different styles of yoga. Kaye’s teaching style fits different levels of her students. She shows modification of difficulty to hold each pose for her students. It was always fun, peaceful and relaxing to attend her classes. […]

Julie Qin

“Kaye is an amazing yoga instructor/practitioner. She has a an energy and passion that is infective and you can feel it in every class she teaches. Kaye has a great way of, gently, pushing you to get as much out of your practice/class time as possible. She knows how to motivate you to do as […]

Jeff Rayner

“I did some of Kaye’s first classes, we were all so impressed with her teaching style and her great practise. Five years later she is truly one of the best.” Yoga Style: Power Yoga

Ian Watson

“Kaye is so much more than a teacher to me. When I first met her, I was excited to try Aerial Yoga for the first time, but was still a little uneasy as for years previous, my body had been in almost constant pain from having a labour intensive job, and zero exercise regimen. Kaye’s […]

Kate Rowlands

“I have known Kaye for almost 3 years now…ever since I took her aerial classes back in 2014, there was something about the flow of her classes, her knowledgeable demeanor and supportive style that made me gravitate to her and her classes. My personal practice has been on and off but when it is on, […]

Lisa Ma