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Aerial yoga has been around since the 90’s when the aerial arts community connected with yoga and saw the benefits of combining these two empowering practices. From @unnataaerialyoga to @antigravityfitness to @airealyoga, these pioneers developed exciting programs to help people decompress their spine, find length while building strength and inspire a generation of aerial yogis.

Have you tried aerial yoga yet?

Images taken at Fringe Manila workshop, “Strength & Length”
Courtesy of Pineapple Lab, Manila Philippines


aerial yoga rig indoor set up



Kaye fell in love with aerial yoga the moment it crossed her path. Shortly after receiving her 200hr YTT certification, she was eager to expand her teaching practice with Aerial Yoga.

With over 1800 hours of aerial yoga instruction under her belt, Kaye was a co-facilitator of the former Fly Aerial Yoga Teacher Training certification and the new AshtAER Yoga Teacher Training certification where students explore the Aerial Yoga Primary.

You can catch one of Kaye’s weekly Aerial Yoga classes at Whole Life Balance in Toronto.

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Formerly known as “Pineapple Flower Yoga“, Pineapple Flow is a somatic approach to cultural dance. The first program features dances from the Philippines. Each series’ features the skills and movements of traditional Filipino folk dances to complement a dynamic yoga or movement practice.

Malong - Dancer's Pose

The “Malong Series” utilizes the tube of material in different ways as a prop for lengthening and strengthening. Should the studio permit, an aerial hammock is used in place of the Malong. The tube of material offers the added benefit as an eye cover or blanket during savasana.




The “Binasuan Series” challenges the student to centre themselves as they move with intention while balancing a glass on their head and in their hands.

Binasuan fun




pf singkil fan arms out back

The “Singkil Fan Series” warms up the wrists and strengthens the shoulders and forearms in preparation for arm balances.

Pineapple Flow photoshoot in collaboration
with @mango_peeler, @lululemonto, & @mariaiscelb

Live Breathe Yoga feature image

“Live Breathe Yoga” is a television series dedicated to inspiring your practice and elevating your mind, body and soul.

Join host and producer, Kaye Peñaflor, as she guides you through the fourth season of yoga and wellness tips to help you connect with a stronger and healthier version of yourself.


kapwa promo kayeyoga

“Kapwa” is a one hour special for the International Day of Yoga, produced in line with Toronto’s first Filipino Heritage Month. The show features self-care tips from health and wellness professionals from the GTA.

Jaisa Sulit, author of “Purpose in Paralysis” and mindfulness coach shares a mindfulness meditation. Chris Delos Reyes, registered massage therapist and founder of “The Holistic Connection” offers tips on mobility. In a Creative Wellness session, Andrea Mapili, shares tips on embodied communication. Toronto Chiropractor and Dance Conditioning Specialist, Dr. Blessyl, teaches muscle and tension release with the use of therapy balls. Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Mariesette, makes a few appearances through the show offering tips on feeling your best for your day-to-day. Finally, a yoga practice is shared by Kaye Peñaflor for viewers to follow along with at home.


*Originally aired in English on Filipino TV in Canada, a division of Ethnic Channels Group


For a stronger, healthier you